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The (mostly) new CD is here!

Just in: the first review of the CD in Buzzard Tracks by Jeff Wanser

"This Song is for You" is a total remake of a cd I first recorded in 2010, with several new songs and complete remixes of the ones that remain from the original. I was hurrying to finish it in time for a tour I already had firmly scheduled, and I was never satisfied with it. As a result, I've never promoted it so its distribution has been very limited. Some of the more

Listen to the songs:

"It's a fine CD. Great guitar on Sweet Georgia Brown, love the Playin the Blues story, great quality throughout. Very listenable."
~ Steve Traina, Steve's Folk Show on WCSB

My newest band has gone live. The Hot Potatoes plays blues and swing with a decided New Orleans flavor, including some Cajun style fiddling. With Bobby Patetta on guitar and harp, Tim Akin on upright bass, Roy King on drums and me on guitar and fiddle, this group has come together quickly. Check out the schedule to see when we'll be playing in your area.

Hot Potatoes songlist:

I Only Have Eyes For You
In Walked Spud

I Yam What I Yam
They Did the Mash
I Dig You Up the Most
...and more!

Our motto: "Cogito ergo spud" (I think therefore I yam).

Help wanted: The Hot Potatoes are looking for a tuber player, must be heavily into roots music (can you dig it?)



Hot Potatoes!

Goslee Reed & Kean



Sarah Goslee Reed and I have developed a new duo act, Goslee Reed & Kean. I've accompanied Sarah on a few gigs, and we had so much fun we've decided to make it a regular thing. She's a great singer and songwriter, and plays a mean fiddle too! The harmonies seem to flow easily and there's a natural appreciation of each others abilities. See what we're doing in these videos and where we're playing.

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