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Time Scribbles Coffeeshop Acorn Plaza/Alley Ohio Music Black Squirrel Gallery KSU Hotel/Conv. Center Kent Free Library Tree City Coffee Last Exit Books
12 - 12:30 Open Jam Klezmer Music       Humerus songs 4 Your Funnybone
12:30 - 1:00 Open Jam Klezmer Music   Mandolin Workshop Beginning Clogging (Participatory) Humerus songs 4 Your Funnybone Playing Well With Others - Tips for Jams and Bands
1:00 - 1:30 Open Jam   Irish Music with the Terriers Mandolin Workshop Beginning Clogging (Participatory) Playing Well With Others - Tips for Jams and Bands English Folks Songs on the Appalachian Dulcimer (Participatory)
1:30 - 2:00 Open Jam Irish Music with the Terriers     Shape-Note Singing (Participatory)   English Folks Songs on the Appalachian Dulcimer (Participatory)
2:00 - 2:30 Open Jam Ragtime Music   Fiddle Showcase Intermediate Clogging (Participatory) Shape-Note Singing (Participatory) Slow Jam  
2:30 - 3:00 Open Jam Ragtime Music Bluegrass Songwriting with the Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Trio Fiddle Showcase Intermediate Clogging (Participatory)   Slow Jam Promote and Protect Your Original Songs
3:00 - 3:30 Open Jam Bluegrass Songwriting with the Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Trio     Gospel Choir (Participatory)   Promote and Protect Your Original Songs
3:30 - 4:00 Open Jam Banjo Styles   Slide Guitar Workshop Sacred Dance (Participatory) Gospel Choir (Participatory) Songwriters Showcase with the Summit County Songwriters Circle  
4:00 - 4:30 Open Jam Banjo Styles Hammered Dulcimer and Upright Bass Duets Slide Guitar Workshop Sacred Dance (Participatory) Songwriters Showcase with the Summit County Songwriters Circle Roots to Rock - ROAM
4:30 - 5:00 Open Jam Hammered Dulcimer and Upright Bass Duets         Roots to Rock - ROAM

Workshop Descriptions:

Klezmer Music (Steve Greenman)
Klezmer (Yiddish for "instruments of music") is a musical tradition of the Ashkenazic Jews of Eastern Europe. Steve Greenman is an accomplished player of this music who will talk about the history, the musicians, the music and play examples of the style, repertoire and ornaments of Klezmer.

Humerus Songs 4 Your Funnybone (Brad Bolton and Peggy Coyle)
This is a family-friendly workshop, and the name pretty much says it all. Brad and Peggy and well-known in NEO for their entertaining shows, and they'll be pulling out all the funny stops for this one. Peggy is a fabulous singer, Brad is one of the areas best guitarists, and if you haven't seen him play the turkey baster, you won't want to miss it!

Mandolin Workshop (Bill Lestock and John Reynolds)
The Mandolin Workshop, featuring Bill Lestock and John Reynolds, will take place at the Downtown Gallery at 12:30 on September 21.
We're lucky to have these two accomplished musicians back with us this year. Both will be playing a variety of traditional and original compositions. John will demonstrate technical aspects of mandolin playing, such as tremelo, chords and use of the pick. Bill plans to perform in an array of styles - Blues, Rock, Classical, Bluegrass, oldtime, Jazz, and Modern Acoustic.

Irish Music - blending the Pub with the Traditional (the Terriers)
The Terriers will play some of our favorites - a mix of pub tunes and traditional reels, jigs, etc. We will discuss how we combine traditional tunes with popular pub songs to create an exciting mash-up that both the pub crowd and the NPR crowd love. We welcome any questions and will discuss what it takes to create a traditional Irish band.

Beginning Clogging (Laura Lewis Kovac and Paul Kovac)
No experience is necessary for this workshop that will teach the basics of traditional Appalachian clogging. In less than 60 minutes, you'll be able to freestyle to fiddle tunes!

Intermediate Clogging (Laura Lewis Kovac and Paul Kovac)
If you've done some cloggin and want to learn how to take your dancing to the next level, this workshop is for you. We'll review some basic steps and work on making rhythm to fiddle tunes.

Playing Well With Others - Tips for Jams and Bands (Cathy Miller and Michael Grady)
Learn how to fit in when playing with other musicians. This often overlooked set of skills is taken for granted by experienced players but is frequently unknown to newer musicians and is just as important as the ability to play an instrument or sing. Whether playing in a formal music ensemble or a jam session, knowing when to step back and when to jump in, being aware of various cues and signals, and how to fit into the flow of the music can help make you welcome at any musical gathering.

English Folks Songs on the Appalachian Dulcimer (Jan Hammond, Participatory)
A Cecil Sharp Collection (Tunes from the "English Folk-Songs from the Southern Appalachians") For those who bring their mountain dulcimers, Jan will have tab for several songs from the collection. All are welcome to join in and hear about the work Cecil Sharp did to collect or "song catch" these treasures from the Appalachian Mountains.

Shape-Note Singing (Gerry Hoffman, Participatory)
You''re invited to join us in singing hymns from one of the oldest musical traditions in the US, one that has been preserved to the present day in its original forms in parts of the rural South. A community of singers gathers to sing hymns in four part harmony, and in full voice. The music itself has a strange and powerful sound to modern ears. These are called shape-note hymns because the noteheads in the written music have four different shapes, each corresponding to a different solfage sylllable of the musical scale: a triangle for fa, an oval for sol, a square for la, and a diamond for mi. This system of notation made it possible for those who could not read music to figure out their parts. In this workshop, you will learn about the shape note system, learn a little bit about the history of this music, and sing a lot of hymns.

Ragtime Music (John Reynolds and Jack DiAlesandro)
This is a complex type of music which helped to popularize syncopation and was a direct ancestor of blues and jazz. Jack and John have been playing ragtime music together for decades, and haven't run out of steam yet! In this workshop, they'll demonstrate blues rags, classic rags, medicine show tunes and other related styles, and explain the differences.

Fiddle Showcase (Lynn Frederick and Cathy Miller)
These two fine musicians will demonstrate and discuss a variety of fiddling styles, both traditional and modern. Lynn plays "old-time string band music,” an early American traditional country music that emerged through encounters of diverse cultures settling in the New World, and which was continually restyled by new immigration and political expansion. Besides being an avid listener, Lynn is fortunate to have learned from many traditional and old-time musicians. Cathy is a versatile artist, classically trained and also able to teach and perform folk, rock, Irish, blues, bluegrass, Scottish, classical and jazz styles. In addition to her regular performance schedule, she can also be found routinely sitting in with all manner of bands in the Northeast Ohio area.

Bluegrass Songwriting with the Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Trio
Hey bluegrass and country fans....Have issues writing your own songs? Come join the Blue Ribbon Bluegrass Band for a workshop in putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. They will take you through the process of making all of your song ideas a reality so bring an idea and let talk you through the process

Banjo Styles (Paul Kovac and Larry Calhoun)
Bluegrass and Ragtime banjo, and a little bit of everything else thrown in for good measure! Don't miss these two, both top-notch players and educators on the banjo..

Slide Guitar Workshop (Jon Mosey and Bill Lestock)
Jon and Bill each have stellar reputations in NE Ohio for good reason. Slide guitar is just one of the instruments they play, but you wouldn't know it to hear them - another one you don't want to miss!

Sacred Dance (Luna Lisa Hart, Participatory)
The Dances of Universal Peace are meditations in motion that will take you to a higher place. The simple, tai-chi-like movements and chants from many traditions are easy to learn for everyone, young or old. Luna leads with sensitivity and humor to leave you energized with peace, joy, and spiritual connection.

Gospel Choir (Dr. Linda Walker and students, Participatory)
Breakin' It Down! Gospel Music? Folk Music? Come and hear Kent State University Gospel Choir perform traditional and contemporary gospel songs. Learn how song lyrics, keyboard, guitar, and drums come together to create this unique American folk music called Gospel. Warm up your voice because the audience will be taught a very special song and invited to sing along.

Songwriters Showcase (Summit County Songwriters Circle)
Several songwriters from the SCSC will perform and discuss the process of writing original songs. The Songwriters Circle meets and holds monthly workshops to encourage and help fellow members improve their writing, See and hear the process in action.

Hammered Dulcimer and Upright Bass Duets (Tina Bergmann and Bryan Thomas)
Husband and wife team Tina and Bryan, two of the most accomplished musicians in the area, perform and talk about their music on the Ohio Music stage.

Slow Jam (Dave Howard and David Badagnani)
Dave and David are experienced at leading all levels of musicians through the steps of learning a tune, and showing you how to play along at an easy pace. Bring your instruments and sit in!

Open Jam session
This session will go on all afternoon at Scribbles Coffee, bring your instruments and join in.

Roots to Rock
Sheela Das, Ray DeForest, Kevin Richards (ROAM)
Roots to Rock is a lively and engaging presentation of the early musical influences of Rock and Roll. This 1-hour workshop with three Roots of American Music artists demonstrates how Rock and Roll evolved from the blending of traditional Appalachian music from the British Isles and from African music in America. These two culturally and geographically distinct music styles came together with the birth of technology and the irrepressible enthusiasm of the pioneers of modern music. Numerous musical styles, instruments, harmony singing, and audience participation makes this story come to life.

Promote and Protect Your Original Songs (Jim Daniels)
Learn the contemporary methods of submitting, protecting and marketing your original songs & music. Directly reach the producers and A&R departments of artists, who are looking for new song, for upcoming recording projects, advertising and events. With modern technology, the old shot in the dark methods are gone and your odds of making money with your music have increased.