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Bookings and Other Information:

Moonshine is my newest band and we play country music the way we think it ought to be played. With the core of the Bee String Band, Kathy Camille and me on guitars, vocals and fiddle, and the solid rhythm section of Tim Akin on upright bass and Bruce Pearce on drums, Moonshine plays hits from the 80's through today as well as a selection of originals. The harmonies are spot on, the guitars are hot and the fiddle soars above it all as the band rips through the best of country rock and straight-ahead Nashville (not bubblegum country), as well as Cajun dance tunes that will have you up on your feet!

The Hot Potatoes
With Bob Patetta on guitar and harmonica, Tim Akin on upright bass, Mark Bussinger on drums and me on guitar and fiddle, the Hot Potatoes play a blend of blues and swing with a New Orleans flavor. From Cajun dance tunes to classic swing songs to straight-ahead blues, this group of spuds will have you up on your feet!
Hot Potatoes info sheet
Hot Potatoes demo .mp3 (6.8 MB)
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Goslee Reed & Kean
Sarah Goslee Reed
is an accomplished singer/songwriter with 6 cds to her credit, and many years of performing under her belt. She and I were aware of and admired each other's music for years, and we finally met and performed together last year at Folknet's Rootstock concert. The decision to make it a regular thing was an easy one, and we're both delighted with the results. Sarah is an amazing singer and a fine fiddler to boot. We perform a mix of originals and covers of country and folk songs, Irish and fiddle tunes, with an emphasis on strong harmonies, and we even indulge ourselves in some twin fiddle stuff!

Goslee Reed & Kean info sheet

Goslee Reed & Kean demo .mp3 (4.8 MB)
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Kerry and Kathy
Kathy Camille
and I perform regularly as a duo, with the spotlight on Kathy's strong and unique vocals and fingerstyle guitar work, and my lead guitar and fiddle. The
duet harmonies are clear and sweet, and the material ranges from classic country to Irish fiddle tunes to original songs.

Download Kathy and me doing Allison Krauss' "Lucky One"
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Solo performances cover a wide range of territory, from full-out concerts with a mix of vocal and instrumental, original and cover tunes, all the way to weddings and other settings where I provide background instrumental music. For a list of upcoming performances, see my schedule. Check out my current solo songlist, including sample songs, and also my three cds: Guitarism and New River Guitarism (instrumental), and This Song is for You (vocal and instrumental).
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As a sideman, I have played backup and lead guitar for Tom Paxton, Karen E. Reynolds, the Parker Brothers, Sarah Goslee Reed and many others. Years of experience have given me the musical skills and the judgement to know when to step forward and when to stay in the background, finding ways to enhance the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of the music.

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