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Comments and reviews of This Song is for You:

"It's a fine CD. Great guitar on Sweet Georgia Brown, love the Playin the Blues story, great quality throughout. Very listenable."
~ Steve Traina, Steve's Folk Show on WCSB

"There’s a lot of variety, ranging from ballads (“Just One Dream”), to chestnuts (“Shady Grove”) to jazzy instrumentals and talking blues. What keeps the whole affair together are the intimate feel of the music and Kean’s sparkling guitar work..." ~ Jeff Wanser, reviewing the new CD "This Song is for You" for Buzzard Tracks...(read the entire review)

Recently I did a couple of interviews on area music shows, here are the excerpts from those shows:

Oct. 10, 2015: Steve's Folk interview with Steve Traina on WCSB

Oct. 8, 2015: Woodchoppers Ball interview with Chip Ellmers on WRUW

"Dear Kerry,
It's not often we get to listen to a recording of such diverse, interesting compositions. You were very musically descriptive with each selection, and we were delightfully rewarded each time a new tune found its way on each progressive track!

We played it over the outside loudspeakers at the shop, and a customer came in and said: "Now that's the way a guitar ought to be played!" We agree, wholeheartedly!"
Don and Marty at Wildwood Music Shop, Coshocton, Ohio

From the Youngstown Vindicator, May 25, 2012:
"Over the past 40 years Kerry Kean’s musical journey had taken him from a folk-based Peter, Paul and Mary sound into classic rock, show bands and even jazz outfits. Today, the Kent-based singer-guitarist has happily settled into the organic sounding Kerry Kean Trio, which naturally includes himself alongside Kathy Camille (guitar, guitolin and vocals) and Mike Pereira (upright bass, mandolin and vocals). Confirming the roots credibility of the act..." (more)

"Dear Kerry,
Joel and I just wanted to say thank you for playing at our wedding on 9/10/11. So many of our guests and friends told us that you did a wonderful job. We were sorry that we didn't get to hear it! Best of luck to you. I hope our little event helped spread the word on how talented you are.
Thank you, again,
Sarah & Joel Raabe

"To the band,
Thank you so much for the wonderful performance you gave at Old 97 this evening. What great talent and I loved your playlist! You lifted my spirit :-} " - Sara (email after a trio show)

"Great picking and singing last night! Thanks!"
Jay Johnson - Honky Tonk House Concerts

"I just wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed your lunch time concert at the Mustill store on Sept. 17th. You two really captured the essence of our canal-era store, and it was evident everyone enjoyed themselves immensely. Your selections were “right on!”. Thanks again, Rowan
- E. Rowan MacTaggart, Volunteer and Programs Coordinator, Cascade Locks Park Association, Akron

"Everyone seemed to have a great time and wanted to know if you were coming back!" - Luana, owner of Canterbury Coffee, Bellefontaine, Ohio

From FolkWorld Issue 41 March 2010
"Kerry Kean’s album (New River Guitarism) stays primarily in the well-known territory of modern easy-listening compositions for finger-picked guitar, with smooth melodies and harmonies. An up-tempo version of the classic fiddle tune “Red-Haired Boy” with well-crafted improvisational passages alters the otherwise characteristic sound of the album. A strikingly beautiful rendition of the John Dowland piece “Flow My Tears” seems to bring out the best of Kean’s guitar playing, matched only by his original piece “After the Harvest”, for which Kean won the 2008 Kent State Folk Festival talent contest. The album is inspired by Kean’s respect and awe for the beauty of the New River Gorge in West Virginia. His reverence for the natural world shines through in his mostly peaceful compositions, making this album a treat for lovers of melodic guitar."
- Gabe McCaslin

"You were classy this weekend Kerry (opening for Nanci Griffith) – way to go!"
- Jim Blum, Weekend Folk Music on WKSU

From Minor 7th webzine November/December, 2009
"Kerry Kean's sophomore effort "New River Guitarism" is sure to please those who prefer acoustic guitar with a traditional feel, yet Kean offers much more with a bit of flat-picking, an Irish tune, an original jig and even the delicate nuance of a Renaissance song. Kean covers a breadth of material that includes eleven originals and two covers with ample acoustic chops. With each listen it becomes clear that Kean possesses the ability to find the heart and soul of each of the varied styles presented on this collection. Favorites include "Flow My Tears" and "After the Harvest", the song that earned him the 2008 Kent State Folk Festival Talent Contest."
© James Filkins

From the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
"Being a hiker—you can catch me in the outrageously unearthly Colorado Plateau red rock country whenever I have the opportunity to hit the road for a couple of weeks—and very occasional climber, I'm always interested in what musicians can do to compact the spaciousness and splendor of the great outdoors into their art. Kean, a hiker/climber and a fingerstyle picker of consummate dexterity, has managed to portray several aspects of the New River region of West Virginia very well indeed, doing so solo but filling out each cut nicely..."
- Mark S. Tucker for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange
(Read the full review)

What a rarity! A whole album that I love! It's such disappointment when you hear one cut from an album and fall in love with it and then find the rest of the album is mediocre at best. Not so in this case! The intelligent and clever compositions, incredibly sensitive performances, and creative divergence of styles and moods makes this an album that will remain in my list of favorites for a long time - - - because everytime you listen you find something new to admire and enjoy
- Cindy H. on

From Roots Music Report webzine
From Ohio comes one of the best guitar players of all times. Why he has not been discovered yet I don't know. I really can't stop listening to his music. Once you hear his music you are hooked on it..."
- Joseph Bourgeois on

"Using contrasting styles, musical moods and tempos, the CD starts strong with the beautiful New River Suite. The two movements, White Water and Drifting conjure up images of swirling water, powerful waves and soothing tides...The strength of the album is definitely Kean’s skill as a guitar virtuoso, his ability to bring his instrument to life while transmitting images to the mind of the listener are extraordinary. His ability as a master musician is illustrated quite clearly on songs such as Ride Gypsy Cowboy and Grandma’s Typewriter..."
- Dr. Naima Johnston on
(Read the full review)

From Minor 7th Webzine on CDBaby
" …The Woodchopper's Ball" is just such a CD -- full of fine guitar music…there are some players many of us have not heard of, like Ryann Anderson, Kerry Kean, and Jon Mosey. But don't let their lack of star status fool you -- these folks can play. This is a great CD -- go out and buy it -- you'll get some fine music, and all the proceeds go to support the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless."
(Read the full review)

“New River Guitarism” is Kerry Kean’s second cd of fingerstyle guitar solos. With 11 original and two traditional tunes, it covers a wide range of styles and moods ranging from soft and pretty ("Drifting", "After the Harvest") to rapid-fire cascades of notes ("White Water", "Grandma's Typewriter"). Much of the music on this cd was inspired by the New River in West Virginia, and Kerry’s love of the outdoors and beautiful places shines through.


Just wanted to take a minute to say what a pleasure it was to get to see you tonight at the Folkatorium. It is a cool place to play and listen.Especially when the tunes were as good as they were tonight. Hope to catch you again soon.
- Glenn Peterhansen

Wow! The new cd is great! I also really enjoyed your liner notes (I'll
never forget my rides with $5 Frank)
- Jacqi Templeton, Wooster, Ohio

Just a note to say how much we've enjoyed your CD! Stephanie and I had it in our car all last weekend and it provided a really nice soundtrack to the fall weekend. Great job selecting the tunes, and your finger work is certainly impressive.
Good job!
- Bill Kist, Akron Ohio

Kerry -- thank you for playing at our party last nite at Mayfield, I enjoyed it very much and many others did too, judging by the comments - Tom H.

Just got the new CD - first songs playing now - I believe you did these here last time. Went with my son last year and watched folks jumping off the bridge on the cover from above and below, some in colorful and crazy costumes. Was back there in March visiting my friend Bearded Dave who works for the Park Service there and brews his own beer. Can't wait to get back and try the water out for the first time. Enjoying the CD, planning to drive home to it.
- Hank Mallery, Cleveland Metroparks

Got the CD the other day. Thank you and congratulations! Mike and I love it. It is beautifully done and shows off your skill and sensitivity. I have been enjoying all the songs but being a melancholy Eastern European sort, really like Flow My Tears and Midnight in the Gorge but I dig all the other tunes, too. Pulled out my mandolin for Red Haired Boy and accompanied your guitar. I think I'll give it another listen in just a moment as I clean up the house (the ONLY way to clean house is with accompaniment). I like the cover photo and you have an impish grin on the back... pretty cool. Great song titles, too.
- Natalia Burgess, Portland Oregon

Jim had you come to Beloit and play for the recycling festival. I am Jim's wife and bought your CD's from you there. I am really enjoying listening to them. Thank you for sharing your gift of music. Enjoyed meeting you and listening to you and your group at the garage.
- Donna McNatt, Beloit Ohio

Congrats, Kerry!
We look forward to seeing you on the Mustill Store porch next year. Rowan
- E. Rowan MacTaggart, Akron City Parks

Hi Kerry! Our family loves your new CD. We play it all the time in the car - good travelling music! - Anne Teare, Kent

I visited your site and listened to some of your tunes. Enjoyed all of them; Seneca Rag is excellent! Keep playing great music, Kerry! - Rick Wagner, Dayton

By the way, your C.D. is incredible, I play it on the road frequently, and I am always on the road! Bill and I and friends have really enjoyed it. Any new gigs added to your winter schedule? Let us know. - Carrie & Bill P., Mogadore

A great instrumental "sings" those unspoken words..the translation is down deep; it is a language of it's own.
Nice job, Kerry!
Posted by JL Braswell on (on "Seneca Rag")

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